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Related article: Date : Sun, August 14, 2011 16 22nd 24 -0400 ( EDT ) From: Dogg u003cnphillydogg aol. com u003e Subject: Closing the gap of -11 BRIDGES -11 My mind was completely surprised. In all the years I've lived n sex with my reconstruction, I have never had a sexual orgasm, such as which he received last night by Nicolas Cartwright ( last chapter). Sad to say wake up after an orgasm, I was a little disappointed again the bed with my father. Of course, I loved the father, and for a time played with The idea of ​​keeping my identity secret and will remain in Madison County, in living Lolita Girls in n girlfriend. However, after the explosive sex with Nick... I got me thinking about him constantly. When the father awoke and began to strokes behind me and kissed me on the ear and neck ( morning stiffness of his erection rummaging through my legs ), I started thinking Nick and wondered if n to think of me? When he made ​​love early morning by his wife, Donna? if thought of me, while he was getting into? dad turned me ontor back and started sucking my tits. I saw his tongue playing with the nipple sucking, before entering the mouth, his free hand, squeezing my other breast. After a few minutes, picked up my face, kiss my lips, while snaked his hand between my legs to play with my clitoris. I was still full of cum Nicholas meeting last night in his car ( his seed in me wants to feel that the time is possible), but Dad kept Nick slippery semen stain as usual No wet. Climbed on top of me, that maneuvered between my n legs. I spread my legs for him, despite the emotional connection to is no longer there. All I could think was, Nicolas, and if I the chance to see it again? dad put his cock in me, to break your penis length and dry my ​​sperm minor leaks. I gasped when he broke through, pulling walls of the vagina wide. I set myself, then began to drag and stared in the face while holding my head in his hands and told me how hisI autiful n was, and how much he loved me. He said : " I ​​love you too " and then felt his tongue in Lolita Girls my mouth. I was forced to suck his tongue as he fucked me, bombs in their hips buried his cock in me and over me. for 12 minutes dad pumped through me, squeezed my tits, ass, me really hard, soft, then hard again, sucking in my throat, mouth, slimy my ear. I'm not going to lie, I like the shit, its constant in / out pushing me to the mood, even thought I knew that I was really with Nick. Over time I began to imagine Nick, fuck me hard. I figured he was in bed with Nick, who was fucking his cock pushed me for me, over me, I do everything. " Oh God, I come... " I moaned, feeling my vagina hot liquid jet. " Ah, yes... sorry ! " Dad shouted, fuck me harder my own sperm my ​​raincoat pussy. Dad was pushing me in a half dozen times before it crashed one last time and froze. "Oh God... " she gasped, putting her torso a few inches above my breasts as he raised his head and moaned, " I am............ urrkk cccooommmmiiinnngggg " I am Lolita Girls the father was having a heart attack, as twisted and withered on me, grinding pelvis as he emptied his ball juice in me through their with me and Nick. " Wow... " he said, and fell to the side of breath, sweating catch mate sprang from his forehead. "... I've never felt you cum so much... " that s said: "... that must have really needed that... shit ! " N "Yes... "I said, rolling out of bed, his back to him. Grabbing my clothes I got up and went to the bathroom. I could feel the cum father combined dripping inside of my thighs when I sat in the door and in the toilet to let him back to me. I felt like a heel, my father thought of someone condemned else. A married man ! It was not just a phenomenon of incest was a house crane. Where was Nick and I am on this merry go round ? Where was Dad n and I for that matter? My life is shot to clike a train ontrol fugitive, and I had no idea where the last stop was, but I was almost some people are harmed. " You are good... no?" Father asked, knocking on the door. " Yes.. " I said, grabbing a handful of toilet paper to clean myself before n washing. I looked in the mirror of hatred (for the first time since I surgery), I looked behind me. Is that the sense of my gender hand, I wondered? N " Are you okay... ?" father asked him, after he opened the door. " Of course... " I lied, I kiss on the lips. "It feels like me, with a breakfast at the restaurant today... ?" He asked, is n take a leak. " uh... " I am not frumpy waitress struggling to Susanne. "... You know I'm going to take time to fix my makeup... " " makeup... ?" ridiculous father, the toilet. " You do not need makeup... You are the sexiest woman in town! You should, of course, sometimes people see your natural beauty! " "I am a girl in town... " I have argued, already studied bymy makeup with for my chisel and hammer. "... If you are a very natural girl who wanted to must be related to a girl Fame! " " Somehow, I see you as a girl from the country... " said his father, the s bathroom with a smile. "... It seems as if subjected to the here all my life... " I felt a chill in the back. Was he begins to suspect... ? "Sorry, not enough shops and spas in the city for me... !" I smiled, tried not to look nervous. " So if I ask you to stay, do not you... ?" He asked, rising behind me a hug from behind. " I thought we were talking earlier about Lester... " I told him to break removed. "I'm only here temporarily... " n "... I know," said the father, disappointed. "... But that was some time ago, , and you are still here... we're still together... I was hoping that that n understand some things had changed for you... ?" " Nothing has changed... " he said, frowning, looking at his father's face. "... I was like, here with you... can not be that simple enoughr now... ? Can not we enjoy the time we have together... n " " I do not want to end this time... "Dad said, sincerely ".... no the loss of my wife and my son... "He said, choking. " Life is too short to live in the moment ! You're still young, for now, but also will soon look back and wonder where the passage of time... ! Want , to spend time alone... "I asked again and took me in his strong weapons ".... or if you prefer to spend it with someone on the moon by... "I asked, looking into her eyes. " For I am madly in love with with you... and I want to be my wife... "Shit ! " "You can not be serious, Lester... " he said, about to fall over in my heels. "... We do not know... !" n "I know everything I need to know about you, Alex... " he said and hugged me n in the waist when away is beyond me. "... I know that you love, care, cheerful woman who enjoys life and all the things you have to : n... " he said. "I justI want to make you happy... ! I want to be the that puts a ring on your finger and make an honest woman... " tears in my eyes began to swell at the thought of Pope hits to me. Of course, do not take into account my plan of vengeance, and I was at a loss do. I loved my father, of course it should, perhaps more than s of a child, but the marriage... ? that was a bit too far. " Let me ask you a question... "He said, after my long silence ".... That LOVE ME... " " Of course I have... "I said, trying to n hands. " And what is the problem... "I asked, trying to get me by. " We was in the Magistrates Court to marry... There should be a wedding bigger... I've done it already... " " We're from two different times, Lester... "I said, managing to escape his arms ".... you know a widower in a small town, not even the , where his son... is expensive and I'm a city girl who wants a great prodigal wedding in my future... ! We do not go together! ""If you want a big wedding, we can have a big wedding... " smiled Dad. "... The biggest wedding of this city has ever seen," he said, stroking the hair of my s. " Whatever you want... !" he said quietly, and asked if any. "It not have to think about it... " he said, sensing my fear in part. "... Think about it... We 'll discuss it later... " " I do not know, Lester... " I said, frustrating. "... There are lots of to me that you do not know... " n " And I told you I do not care what happened in your past that... " insured parent. "What is done, done, all the things we are not content on... I've done things I'm not proud of it, either... but I would not carry out against you you... be part of my life! " argued he wanted, " Love is not easy to find... just to get one or two times in the life... Do not miss because he is afraid that I do not like s something from his past... Give me credit, I want to be the judge that! Well... " dad took me in his arms after thin, hugging me tightly, as he wrapped his arms around my body. I hugged him and choked back tears in the his honesty. How could he really have the news that his long lost son n Alexander? I was going to embrace the way that love me again how n this morning... ? Or that I was going to kick off the road again, called me sick vile nasty names, like Lolita Girls before... ? "Meet me for lunch... " he asked, pulling away to see if I was okay. " Well... " I laughed and wiped my watery eyes. dad kissed my forehead before disappearing into the bathroom to complete the job. While busy shaving and shower, I slipped n in my purse and check my messages. Nick had sent text messages to say how much he missed me and wanted to see me today. ? ` What time "-I `I sent a message back for lunch. " - The message text. ` They can not deal with Lester for lunch. " " Break it! "- The message text. ` I can not... "Then I sent a message ' my ​​meeting at 11 clock for an early lunch.... "- The text message... and bring some s sexy, I have a hunger forr his love! " my anus was already gathered at the idea of ​​meeting Nick for a early lunch. I lay in bed, until Papa finished the shower and dressing, told him how tired I was asleep and after your morning n bang. dad laughed and told me to rest a lot, because there were more it came. I ran to the window to see him leave the road and then ran to the bathroom to shower, wash , peeling, humidity, and bright start, shave, and to manipulate the face and body of the girl , which wanted to introduce Nick. I washed my Lolita Girls hair curly and painted me and toes I took hormone injections, taking my daily dose of vitamin pills, pulled out a strapless sexy red halter top dress ( n correspondence with well-formed body as a mermaid costume, like me), I painted \\ \\ n face, put on my perfume, slipped on some panties n sassy socks and my High Heels, and then slid to the door of my mother's car and went to meet my Destination Tomorrow Nick. s that phis father in the old real estate office and went Ulled in the clerk immediately became curious the "scandal" of the eye. " I can help... " Said. When your little nose, little bird could not above, drown in his own saliva. " Nick Cartwright, please. " I said gently, though his eyes full of hate that s gave me. ", name of... ?" He asked, looking to see through the agenda, if I had a date. " Wilkerson... " He said, "... Alexandra... " account your eyes underwater, when Nick was in fact planned to for an appointment. " Here is your quote says Peter Cartwright... " said the wife of s, smug. "He is in the hallway... it... " He was in the opposite direction of Nick 's office. I'm sure my face was numb, but I tried not to show too much confusion, as I'm still working my way to the office of Peter at the end of the room. Heard a knock at the door, a man's voice say, 'in, so that n pushed the glass ( curtains) door and went in "You have toAlexandra... "Said the tall redhead, leaving behind his desk in a suit and tie ".... I'm Peter Cartwright, Nicolas s brother... " " Hello. "I tell them, he said, not knowing what I say. Why was I here? What Nick Peter about our relationship... ? " Want something to drink... "I asked, pointing to the bar, who had at the corner of his office of majority ( which was a bit less hidden as Nick). " No, no... "I said, as he led me to a chair ".... is something bad... " I sat down I asked him ( her skirt pulled up the thighs as I sat). " Is there any reason that is not here... Nicolas " " uh... "Peter stammered the force behind his desk ".... Nicholas has an emergency unexpectedly had to go first... " " ah... "I said, crossing his legs ".... Let me guess... - His wife... " Peter smiled... " How long you've been and Nick, huh... , Friends... "I asked, recording his fingers nervously on his desk. " Not much... "I said, catchinghis eyes fall on my legs. "... But we have grown very close to a small amount of time... " "I bet you... " he said more to himself than to me. "How long you want to be n in Madison County... " he asked. "I'm not sure... " I said, uncrossing your legs so that the party in my t will rise higher ( showing panty shield between the legs ) before little by little crossing the other leg (a la Sharon Stone). I could see, a Peter nerve (loss of his close connection ) with my little peep show. "... It really depends on them, was also added... I am! " " Received... " she asked, confused. " Well... " I said, I opened the red jacket for my cleavage spilling over my halter. "... You have a woman who needs... Peter, I'm sure your wife has said, this... ?" "ex -wife ! " Corrected Peter, his tongue hanging out of his almost the mouth. "White, uh... what kind of, uh... you have to talk about... ? " that to seek success, to fit in his seat. I smiled, knowing that my body was warm. How many timeshe Peter Cartwright uses poor pathetic succeed Alexander as his only cumdump him and his friends are well, all just to be closer to the Nick. " himself, every woman wants to Peter... " she said and sat return. "... The stability, security... " " And, uh... how exactly Nick will help you... ?" find, he said. " Oh... " I told him to realize that Peter knew exactly why he was there. "Nick... POLL way to dig to the root of the problem and knocked out I am obliged to light... " see, I laughed. "He showed me some of the personal qualities of s, who said he would not mind lending me n and then... or, of course, I have none, but I would be able to use no where possible... " " And you agree with this arrangement... " he asked, not really real royal speeches. " is what I 'm here... " I was smiling. Peter saw how he was going to cream your pants at all times. "... Well, you know, Nick is not alone in this office, which can showYou from the personal characteristics and problems... " He offered. " I Nicolas taught everything he knows... " " really... "I asked, curious sound. " You have to be a good teachers... " " Yes.. , And I would be available to give details as to the frequency n him... Because he is married y... all the Lolita Girls " Peter adds, from behind his desk. I could easily see the mound in his pants when he opened his hands in the n to straighten out their pockets and the folds of their passage. then came leaving your desk, I could not take my eyes off the lines of the prominent longwave wavy inside the pant leg. "I see you are interested in see my properties... "I said with confidence, as I approached. I was breathing heavier than lustful thoughts, and long n Before memories filled my head. Memories of my head like a young Pete child got cock was about to the back of my throat and forced me to deep throat him. I heard a zipper, and then looked thro Peter Cartwright Fishingugh their n fly to his erection free. I thought it was my queue to exit. " Where do you think you are... ?" he asked, grabbing my arm when I tried above. I struggled to get away, but Peter was too strong and warm n go to leave me. "You damn cock tease... " He called me, I grab a both arms as he physically took me to him face to face. "... Come to here with tight skimpy outfits, and probing and strong, provided me with all states... and think that just going to stand up and LEAVE without at least gave me a stroke... ? "n " do not know what Nick is about me... " defended " but... I 'm not that girl a little... " " Sure... "Pete smiled and stared at my breasts. "... He said, , as she breathed into his office... ! As the man fucked ole s bedroom... And as he did last night in your car! " I could feel Pete erection directly get me released from his polyester prison. "I know exactly what kind of broad is... "The s left, he hugged me stronger. "... you are the type of bitch that like work of man, after pleading... ! You know you want to force as n do... But you want him to take, so do not feel like the dog is you! "(He had been watching from I in the city... ?) my mouth open in disbelief. " You have a pretty mouth... "He said, do the opportunity to review all written down my throat ".... Why can not knees n and show me how well give head... "Asked / challenged and pushed me knees before him. like a girly -boy ex, I have much experience sucking men out, even if I did. Once the blood increases male erection, his acorn suggests that little of the form commitment Lolita Girls was. many times I've had some big and strong beast cornered and s is not really queers, but I wanted to suck the cocks and I was the only in his presence, to what they wanted and how many times I hadwas forced to undergo knee, only to find them? Peter Hahn stood there and stared into my face. I could not believe what n far, which have grown since the last time I saw him. It was large, pale white and thick as to remember... Only, now appeared to be about nine inches long, plum-colored with a head of s. Peter was eager to start things off when he grabbed me by the hair n, and prevented me from admiring their hardware. "Take in your mouth... " that there, spots through my lips. I opened my mouth and left it in, feel that fills my mouth completely. " Yeeeah... ah... " he groaned, as n I took in would be a long time since the last time I flew, Peter Cartwright, was, in fact I 15 the last time I cock fed and hugged me tightly by the hair, since n choked on his time. Now it was different. He was not happy with scared teenager with a zeal and be happy... It has now been with a female fox, which deals with sexual desire and ominous, like many erections holes as he could meet the needsthat. I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock down into the handle and buried my face was pretty in its groin n. "... OH SHIT! " She gasped at the unexpected. "Nick said, could aspire dick... but I did not expect... " said confused. I mashed my face into his crotch, feeling his cock in my wedge the throat. I took a few seconds before returning, pull my lips again hard iron shaft suck gently on the head. " Damned if you find Some Kinda... " praised when I saw him in the eyes of s, then swallowed his cock again. " Awwwwww... " He moaned as I slowly took will be back in my throat and my chin pressed into balls. When Nick wanted me to be his whore, I'd do it my way! Peter relied on the support table, as I crawled a over him before, shaking her blonde head in his lap and sucking on his long hard cock like a prostitute withdrawal. Pete ran his fingers through my receding hair in his Lolita Girls fists so he could waTCH my ruby red lips sucking up and down his shaft pale. I liked wearing lipstick stain if hit, and usually traveled with a makeup case full of it. as hard as Peter tries to smear my lipstick (pulls his cock from my mouth and smote him on my face or rub the lips ) is It is easily spotted. aspirated I running around his big meat balls, licking and bathroom spit before washing thoroughly in my mouth, one after the other with my tongue. One child after every ball, they took the two in the mouth, it took some time to work on the sack all, but I managed that both one and pull gently with your lips, giving them a extensive training before spitting side and licked his way back to the axis of iron. " Oh baby... if your mouth feels so good, I can not imagine what her pussy must be , as the feeling... " Pete whispered shit even dream of me. This was an event that would have to wait, as I really wanted to taCoast to remind his sperm in my mouth, I knew how all these years done. Peter tried several times to undress her tail for me to pull up n of my knees so he could be a crack in my pussy. But I refused to let go, knowing that what was on the ropes. I was going to hell, if s been about to arrive. Oh, no! When he was about to catch me, it was his will be long and hard. I wanted to see if the power to do, there cum like his brother Nick? Peter seemed frustrated at not reaching my pussy (and a despite opening the way down my back, lift my skirt and rub her curious fingers s in my ass crack and ass twisted until he found my vagina wet). He leaned over the desk with your fingers smell like deeper in the throat of him hitting my face in her lap, while stroking his long meaty shaft by hand. " I'm close... " he warned me to suck even harder. "... I 'm going to run... " announced, waiting to remove, I think. but just keep sucking, suck my mouth and its axis, which refers to an elbow ( the his nose with the other hand, the smell of my va- Jay -Jay. " AWWWW shit... "I swear, as I worked n its axis faster with the hand and mouth work together. " Oh God... I'm... I'm...... AARRRHHHHHGGG " cried , high enough that people in the head office. with the free hand, patted him on the back of my head, and then forced my the mouth to the bottom of his cock, makes me deep throat his splash guns n as taco taco after baby making juice cream punch down my throat. Peter continued to moan and groan, as I slowly lifted my head s , milking his cock throbbing in my fist as I can the rest of his recalled considerable burden on their chairs in my tongue, the paint is creamy white with salt. ` Mmmmm... " my taste buds with him, and to drink his sperm milking softening wave of something left behind. Pete watched as he ran thumb along the underside of the abdomen, the followingthe cum - tube cum squeeze a stay inside. If a pearl of great drops formed in the end, I quickly cleaned up, eat right away, cleaning his cock a traces of semen before getting out of the knees. But before engaging fingers on the seams and less tight skirt, Pedro up from his desk and quickly put his hand between the legs over my shirt wet pants, rubbing my pussy. " The next time you have to try that... fuck !" He said. " Are you sure you ready for this type of merger, Mr. Cartwright... " I asked, lowering her skirt, as she put her hand to be removed. rubbing on my neck, looked me straight in the eye... "which has already swallowed my best plan... " he said, pulling me closer to my case. N "... the least you can do is allow me at the door of the probe to the rest of my plan... " ", or the back door... "I smiled sheepishly. He smiled, "... I'll be opportunistic type the Lolita Girls girl !" Peter... " In this case, you are sure that you have to gand now... ? I'm sure I could find time for another meeting... " " Sorry... I have a lunch date... "He told me that unfortunately ".... But tell of his brother, who was in good hands while ill n... "N " Oh, I want... "Insured Pete, I pulled out my makeup kit, make sure that my ​​face and my hair was fine. I'm sure the receptionist, I noticed a slightly different hairstyle as I before entering office, Pete was doing. We were right in front of the reception when Nick opens the office door suddenly, , and left him, his wife and children. Immediately I saw in turn, Donna cheerful smile a frown when he saw me. " Oh, what beautiful children... "I could see, he said, leaning over the old Nick's on my neck. Donna attracted to her as if I snatch one (as I wanted to have children... ). " Hello... "Nick said, trying to act honestly ".... I see that Pete has been in good care of you... ? " He said, politely (read between the lines, was asked ifOk... ? Pete has tried everything? ). "Oh, yes... " I said and got up again. "... It was a good care n me... " he said, shaking his hair Lolita Girls back dramatically, while looking over my from shoulder to Peter. "... In fact, I'd probably replace my old real estate agent again in the house... have too many obligations to fulfill... " I told the referring to her husband missing. " Oh... " Donna said, stone faced. "... Who is your agent back home... ? We a may know... " n "I think not... " he said and gave hint of a smile. "... E n Realtors often... " I saw Nick 's jaw tightened with the last statement. " then go home... right? " He told his wife. "Pete and I n I a business, talk to Mrs. Wilkerson... " " Oh, you do not... " he said, blowing Nick. "... As I said, Peter was responsible the questions you might have had on the property and possession... " I together to see Pete Nick shooting a look of hatred. "... I have to go to me... I have a lunch date with the man I love. .. ! " I added, just for the sake ZING. " It was good to see you again, Mrs. Cartwright, "I said, and went the door. When I left the yard, I heard Donna and their children to leave the office. 'Who, mom... ? I've heard that the eldest son asked, , obviously, with my tits with affection. Before entering into any car of my mother Home \\ \\ s the engine was Nicolas hit me up in the text and asked me, return inside. I ignored his message, while in my sunglasses, began to the car and go out for dinner and lunch with my father Mel... ___________________________________ Do you have an opinion... ? If so, or if you want to read over this story, write to NPHILLYDOGG aol. com Your questions, comments, and suggestions. more and more e- mails, Lolita Girls the faster than the stories to follow... PS, I read other titles by ( non- transgender), show me prolific author Nifty is section in the upper n your home page For a full list see my title.
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